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Programmable LED Signs For Sale

Lowest Prices Anywhere on Programmable LED Signs For Sale

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4K HD Full Color LED Signs For Sale

Our 4K HD Full Color LED Signs are ideal for businesses, churches or schools to attract customers or attention to your group, club or event. Crystal Clear and the possibilites are endless. Click Here for , , , & pages.

Tri-Color Programmable LED Signs

Tri-Color Programmable LED Signs

Our Tri-Color Programmable LED Signs provide an eye catching way to attract customers to your business. Includes Remote and Instructions!!

LED Sign Professionals

LED Sign Professionals

We have years of experience in the LED Sign business. Our Customer Support team stands ready to assist you with your purchase!!

LED Sign Professionals

Full Color Programmable LED Signs

246 Trillion Color Combinations to Display Professional Color Graphics. Increase Brand Awareness, Attract New Customers

We Sell Full Color LED Signs & Full Color 3D 4K HD LED Signs at Low Prices!!

Imagine using 281 Trillion Color Combinations to show off your Products, Services or Business. You can display Photos, Videos and Moving Images. Easy to Program and a Guaranteed Attention Getter!! Our Full Color LED Signs are ideal for businesses, churches or schools to attract customers or attention to your group, club or event. (This video below is shown with our Optional 3D Effects.)

Please note: The rapidly moving, blinking LED's make it difficult to capture the true brightness and brilliant display this sign has.
In the above video we are demonstrating the capabilities and functions of the sign.


Indoor, Outdoor Full Color LED Signs Available in Most Any Size!!

The possibilites and impact are almost limitless!!

Catch the eye of your customers and attract new ones to your business. Delight and engage your church members and the community. We have sold Full Color LED Signs to schools, churches, gas stations, funeral homes, and other types of businesses. Our signs will display photos, videos, backgrounds and text. Below are samples of the various indoor and outdoor LED signs available. Need a custom size or have questions? Give us a call today and we'll be more than glad to discuss the right LED sign for your needs.

We can install and repair LED Signs along with traditional signage.
LED Signs LLC has the experience, knowledge, equipment and ability to meet any businesses sign needs.
We can install and repair LED Signs along with traditional signage.
JC Adkins has many years of experience in the sign business, and has been featured in industry publications.

Conventional Signs & Awnings

Conventional Signs & Awnings
Conventional Signs & Awnings
Conventional Signs & Awnings
Conventional Signs & Awnings
Conventional Signs & Awnings


About Our Programmable LED Signs

Our line of Programmable LED Signs are the perfect advertising solution for small to medium sized business locations looking for an immediate advertising impact. It’s easy to change the sign to reflect a sale, special, event or anything else you can think of. The bright, brilliant display grabs attention and is visible no matter the weather or time of day. Lightweight, easy to install and programs through a handheld remote. No computer is required!! These signs can be used indoors or outdoors.

Our Programmable LED Signs feature:

  • Available in: Red, Green & Yellow or Red, Blue & Purple
  • 22 Color Combinations with 4 Letter Widths & 9 Different Fonts
  • Easy to Program - Simply use the Infra Red Control Handset
  • Pre-Loaded Icons & Symbols including Date & Time
  • Store up to 99 Messages/500 Characters per Message
  • Operates on standard 110-volt outlet, UL Listed
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Weatherproof, Visible Night or Day
  • Hanging brackets & wire cables for easy install & mounting
  • Great Customer Service and a Knowledgeable Staff
An LED sign is a great investment to supplement or reduce advertising expenses. An LED sign also lets you control your messages or advertising as you like without calling an advertising rep or consultant. Weatherproof, Visible Night or Day - Bright, Brilliant Display
Our Programmable LED Signs are easy to program. Simply use the included remote. Easy to Program, Simply use the Included Remote
LED Sign Programming Instructions are Included as Well

Why use LED Sign Advertising for Business?

Why use LED Signs? Our products are cost efficient means of creating custom advertisements without having to use a go-between at a print or sign shop. Save big when you use our energy efficient and long-lasting technology that creates beautiful displays.

  1. Eye-catching
    Customize your advertisement with brilliant colors, our simpler signs offer 22 color combinations with multiple fonts compared to our more advanced 4k LED options with 281 trillion color options! Once programmed the text can move, switch from one screen to another, and change colors creating a memorable advertisement. Depending on the lighting, day or night, rain or shine, the display will adjust automatically making it an ideal option for indoor or outdoor use.
  2. An Edge over Your Competition
    Most competitors may choose to stick with the same signs that they always have, quickly fading into the background unable to stand out from other businesses. Choose instead a colorful and modern option that quickly allows you to switch out information on sales, services, and your quality products.
  3. Abundance of Choices
    We offer signs in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Our excellent customer service can discuss the available options and work to find what will benefit your business the most. Choose a simpler LED sign or go for the 4k full-color with realistic displays.
  4. Low Maintenance Costs, Environmentally Friendly
    Unlike advertisements that require expensive traditional lighting, LED signs instead use environmentally friendly and energy efficient technology. Our signs last anywhere from 3-6 years longer and there are no bulbs to replace giving our products an even, more consistent appearance. Additionally, our LED technology does not release dangerous toxins into the air and are easy to recycle at the end of its lifetime.
  5. Ease of Use
    Most old fashioned, traditional signs and marquees are difficult to change out. Manually taking down letters can pose a risk to staff. Choose instead to change your signs with a remote control or simple computer program.

Get noticed with small and large LED sign boards! We offer a large selection of Programmable LED Signs For Sale with Low Prices and Great Customer Support. Find the perfect LED sign for your needs!

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